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CK Reseller Program - Savings of 20% and more!

We value your patronage and want to help make your CartKeeper projects a success!

To qualify to become a CK Reseller you only need to purchase 1 license at full price and complete our reseller registration. Once approved you will receive a login password to make purchases at savings of 20% off CartKeeper's current price or more. If you deal in higher volume you will be eligible to receive additional discounts by purchasing license blocks which are available in 5 and 10 license increments. Receive a FREE DEMO license at the time of your 2nd license purchase. (details below)

Reseller Benefits

  • Lower development costs Save off the public price.
  • Rapid deployment Now that you're familiar with our products putting together web shops will be a snap!
  • Use your own branding
  • Free demo license - As a reseller you will be eligible to receive a free demo license (only one license) to use on your site to help promote your services. The free license is available after the 2nd license purchase. The demo license can not be used to process real transaction of sales in any manner.
  • Toll Free phone support - As a reseller you will receive access to our toll free number (Sorry U.S.A. only) and one 10 minute support call per purchase which can be used within the first 30 days.* Email support is always available.
  • Extended terms - We know that clients can sometimes drop off unexpectedly. As a reseller you are expected to uphold the terms of our standard license agreement. However we will extend an additional 30 days to the terms and offer you a replacement key after the 30 day refund period has passed.* (refunds are not available on block license purchases)

Reseller Terms

  • Resellers are expected to uphold the terms of our standard license agreement (this will require a signed LOD from your client in the case of a refund/credit) You will be required to supply this document in order to process your refund/credit.
  • Refunds will be issued upon requests that take place within 30 days of purchase.
  • *Credits will be issued in the form of a replacement key. Replacement keys will be issued from day 31-60. Licenses which have been issued a replacement key are one-time-only and are not eligible for refunds or re-issue of further license keys. Resellers will be required to provide the permanent domain URL needed to issue the license.
  • *Refunds are not available on block purchases. We will re-issue a replacement license key upon request up to 60 days from original license key issue. Re-issue keys are one-time-only.
  • No reference back to CartKeeper must be placed on the catalog or within the help pages.
  • Discounts may not be applied to installation or customization services.
  • Resellers are responsible for the support of their clients.
  • Resellers may freely modify the system files. However, they may not use the software to create a commercial e-commerce system to be distributed on a regular basis, unless written permission is provided by CartKeeper.
  • Resellers may not offer the catalog as a downloadable system at any time without written permission.
  • Resellers must purchase a software license for each site on which the software is installed on.
  • Resellers must purchase at least one license in a 6 month period to maintain an active reseller status.
  • *Phone support shall not exceed 2 instances or 20 minutes per month regardless of the amount of licenses purchased. Additional phone support may be supplied at our discretion. Additional fees may apply if phone calls exceed allotted time. Resellers will be notified in advance if additional fees are required.

Reseller Registration

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