CartKeeper PHP Shopping Cart

CKShopEX System Requirements

Server Environment

- PHP 4.1 access or higher
- MySQL 3.23 or higher for the back-end database (current versions recommended)
- Unix Host
- A Mals-e account
- GD 2+ (image resizer)
- Safe Mode OFF

You must have a web host that provides PHP and MySQL. If you are unsure as to whether you do have these functions, contact your web host for details.

Occasionally, hosts have special PHP or MySQL setups, including PHP run as CGI and PHP setups that do not use the standard configuration, and therefore may require additional catalog modifications. If your web host's server does not have standard PHP configurations or requires special modifications, contact us with the details and we will quote the proposed costs needed for modifications and installation. Please note we do not support configuration of "your local machine".

HTML Editor (optional)

- IE 5.5 or higher
- Windows OS

The optional editor in side the catalog admin will allow the merchant to richly format the item and category long descriptions. Additional images can also be added to these listings. However the use of the editor in a browser requires IE 5.5 or higher on a Windows OS only. You may turn the editor on/off on the System Variables screen in the admin.

Suggested skills for installation...

We've tried to make it as painless as possible to install CKShop. However, there are a few technical things you really need to be familiar with before undertaking installation. Below is a list of tasks you should feel comfortable with performing.

- Transfer necessary files to your web server using FTP software

- Correctly set permissions on files and directories (CHMOD)

- Some knowledge of your host's account settings is needed to configure the file paths and database name, username and password during setup.

- Basic HTML skills to integrate your design in to the included template files. (refer to the Working with Templates guide for more information)

Services are available for installation of CartKeeper and integration of an existing HTML template if you should need help.