CartKeeper PHP Shopping Cart

CartKeeper PHP Shopping Cart

CarKeeper - E-Commerce Shopping Cart Solution
The CartKeeper system is a feature rich shopping cart developed for those wishing to host their own store with fine tuned controls for items, inventory, cart and checkout. Below is a list of some of the great features you will find in CartKeeper. Over the years we've listened to our clients needs and have designed a rich sets of innovative tools to build an effective e-commerce site. We continually plan for improvements and new features based on client feedback and suggestions.

If you are unsure about a feature below - please be sure to visit the online demo shop and admin. Open a support request with any questions you might have.

CartKeeper Features:

New to Version 3.1

  • Updated WYSIWYG Editor
  • Numerous bugfixes, third-party API updates and security enhancements

New to Version 3.0

  • Item Import
  • DHTML Image Gallery
  • Mailing List
  • User Product Reviews
  • Unregistered Users can now view order details and retrieve downloads via order key
  • Shipping Enhancements:
    - Show qualified shipping methods only in cart
    - FedEx Shipping calculator
  • Mals-e as a "Payment Gateway"
  • Wishlist now searchable in admin
  • Expandable admin field groups
  • Last-second inventory validation
  • Automatic Gift Certificate activation on order update
  • Google Products weight field
  • Google Products default setting for "Condition" Field

Getting Started

  • Setup - Web-based installation wizard
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Context sensitive help integrated on most admin pages
  • Full online help system with index and search
  • Printable manual
  • Flexible Design and Layout - Uses HTML and CSS with simple PHP includes
  • Customizable templates per category and item
  • Choose from several pre-designed color themes
  • Three modes of Category Navigation, Vertical, Horizontal and Multi-Level
  • Four modes of product display which can be further customized inside of templates

Catalog Management

  • Batch loading of products and pictures
  • Keyword and Advanced product Search
  • Home page featured content manager
    Easily manage sections on the home page with featured items and custom content areas
  • Global Options - one option can be shared across multiple items and updated easily
  • Required Options
  • Sequence display of items, categories and options
  • Min. Qty limit can be set on items
  • Decimal Quantity support. You can also limit which decimal quantities are allowed.
  • Real-time USPS, UPS and FedEx shipping calculation from one location
  • Free Shipping threshold (based on order total) for each method
  • Unlimited number of custom-defined delivery methods based on flat rate, weight, order total and per-item based shipping
  • Different weight limits for different delivery methods
  • Add USPS or UPS insurance fees
  • Quantity Discounts - Configure percentage off or dollar off based on item quantities
  • Set minimum per item qty for wholesaler purchase
  • Ability to turn selective "special links" on or off
  • Sequence numbers for shipping methods
  • Multi-Add category display allows shoppers to put multiple items in their cart with one order button. (no option support)
  • Customizable tax rates
  • Option Inventory Report
  • Option Description Field w/FCKEditor
  • Accept payments in any currency
  • Allow payment via several online payment gateways (see below)
  • Manual (offline) credit card processing
  • Custom Payment Methods - can collect additional information
  • Site Map display
  • Googleâ„¢ Site Map XML support
  • Choose between Inline or Pop-Up image gallery display
  • Database backup utility
  • Export item catalog utility

Inventory Tracking

  • Full inventory control on item AND options
  • Determine if items can be back ordered or not
  • "Out of Stock" Messages
  • Set thresholds for admin low stock notification
  • Set threshold for low inventory display

Customer Experience

  • Customers can browse personal order history
  • Repeat Customer can checkout with optional saved data (requires login be turned on)
  • Customers can save items for future purchase to wishlist
  • Keyword and Advanced product Search
  • Gif Certifcates
  • Gift registry functionality shoppers may now purchase items from another's wishlist and the system will track qty of what has been ordered.
  • Customer can choose between account registration and express checkout
  • Customer can choose to save billing information or not
  • Lost password retrieval
  • "Send to friend" Link
  • Request More Information link
  • Add to wishlist
  • Ability to save the shopper's cart
  • Set threshold limits for checkout of retail and wholesale shoppers
  • Special Pages (All items, New items, Sale items categories and manufacturers, All Manufacturers)
  • Shop by Manufacturer drop down list
  • Share wishlist with friends and family
  • Display recently viewed items to shopper as they browse


  • Free Froogle Submission tool
  • Customizable e-mail notifications/invoices
  • Wholesale login and item pricing
  • "Featured Products" Section
  • Top Products based on sales (best sellers)
  • Related products, categories and manufacturers for up selling and cross selling
  • Create a Manufacturer Hierarchy with ability to relate productlines to manufacturers
  • Discount promotional codes offer on dollar off, percentage off, free shipping.
  • Promotional codes can be set for one time or multi use
  • Define thresholds for redeeming codes

Special Features

  • Friendly URLS remove the query string from your browser URL (server requires mod_rewrite and installation service)
  • Multi-Platform WYSIWYG text editor to enhance product descriptions and layouts along with non-product pages
  • Integrated content management for non product pages
  • This system can be used as a catalog without the cart. You can disable the order buttons.
  • Built in Image gallery with short descriptions for each view
  • Resize images on upload (requires GD2 server library)
  • Share products across multiple categories
  • New Item, Category and Manufacturer flag with expiration date. Define which entries are new and how long to display them as new
  • Customize shopper check out questions
  • Pre-defined content management allows you to adjust the buttons, messages and much of the text displayed to the shopper.
  • Downloadable Products (distribute files as products ie; MP3s, Photos, Software, PDFs etc.)
  • Free shipping flag on item

Backend Tools

  • Database maintenance tools
  • Split credit card feature (send last 4 digits and cvv2 to admin and do not store these in database)
  • Admin can set checkout behavior to require login, optional login, or no login
  • Password retrieval for admin
  • Sales Analysis & Tracking of referrers
  • Searchable order data
  • Export order data for use in a spreadsheet
  • Define custom META tags for every category, item, page and set site defaults
  • Encrypted credit card data

Payment Gateway Support

  • Authorizenet
  • eWay
  • FastCharge
  • Google Checkout
  • Innovate
  • Link Point
  • Mals-e
  • Moneris eSelect Plus
  • PayPal Standard
  • PayPal Web Sites Payments Pro
  • PayPal Pro UK
  • Protx VSP Form
  • SkipJack
  • Trust Commerce
  • USA ePay
  • ViaKlix

We are currently taking requests for popular gateways.
Please contact us if you don't see yours.